Covid-19 rules

We will do our best to follow and implement all the safety and prevention measures indicated by the current legislation, counting on your very important collaboration and understanding. Below you find the rules and prevention measures that are currently applied in our residence, please note that the regulations are frequently evolving and the restrictions could change at any time.

Body temperature

Body temperature will be measured at arrival, guests who show fever over 37.5 ° C or other flu symptoms will not be admitted to the hotel. All guests who show fever over 37.5 ° C during their stay are required to notify us promptly in order to inform the authorities.


The check in starts at 15.30 and it will be on appointment to avoid waits and gatherings.

Use of the face-mask

It is necessary to wear a face-mask while staying in the common areas inside the buildings like office or corridors. Wearing a mask is not required outside when it is possible to respect the interpersonal distance of at least 1mt. Please use the mask in any “ambiguous” situation.

Social distancing

It is strictly recommended to keep the distance of at least 1 mt from people who are not part of your family.

Hand hygiene

It is strictly recommended to frequently sanitize your hands using the alcoholic gels placed in the common areas, especially in the corridors and at the pool.


Please respect the opening time of the swimming pool and respect the maximum number of guests allowed simultaneously in the water. The deck chairs and umbrellas will be spaced in compliance with current regulations, please respect the dedicated areas that will be assigned on arrival. No private things can be left at the pool or in the garden at the end of the day.


At this time it’s not possible to use the playground, everything has been moved off for safety reasons. There is, anyway, garden space for kids to play outside keeping social distance and using private games.

No free bike service this year